Revivogen User Trial

The Revivogen user trial was intended to provide a reliable and identifiable user feedback about Revivogen' effects for hair loss. The participants in the hair loss trials were enrolled independently by filing out a questionnaire on and were chosen by Revivogen according to the following criteria:

1. Male or Female age 18 - 65.
2. Mild to Moderate Hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia for 5 years or less.
3. Not using Propecia, Rogaine, or other products for hair loss before or during the trial period.
4. Free of any major ailment and not using any other medication.

The participants agreed to use Revivogen exclusively for one year and provide their feedback in exchange for free products. The feedback is directly emailed by the participants to the participating websites for independent verification and authentication.

Out of 39 participants in the Hair Loss Trials , 30 (77%) reported experiencing positive results including decreased hair loss and increased thickness of the hair. 9 users (23%) have reported no benefits. You can review the individual assessments to draw your own conclusions.

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Age 52, Female

Type of Hair Loss:
Overall Thinning

Results: 0

Used as Directed: Yes

Decreased Hair Loss: No

Increased Thickness: No

5 months
It stopped my loss up until March 31 - it was great. Then I suddenly have had handfuls of hair each day - 50 in the shower since 04-01-01 - about 2.5 months now. It simply has to be extreme stress and perhaps pre-menopausal hormone changes. I don't take hormone replacement - and wonder if I should.

I do say that the miniaturized hair has been thickening, yes. However I am having even more thinning - not increased fullness at all. However, the Revivogen shampoo is keeping the hair looking thicker - but you can still easily see my scalp through my dark hair.

I continue to have hair loss - but I am very sure it is stress-related. I have gone through a lay-off, and the stress of looking for a new job - I am sole support of myself and I own a home in expensive Northern Calif. I am now training in a new position and am feeling very positive and relaxed about it. I anticipate that I may have better hair results now that I am settled.

I am disappointed to tell you, however, that I have had no noticeable hair regrowth and indeed I would describe that I have noticeable hair loss during this time. I have always had a "widow's peak" hairline - and the widow's peak has disappeared in the past 3 months - meaning - all of that hair has fallen out and the hairline is receding. I so wish I could tell you of great results - but I can't. I'm not having great results now - but I am NOT giving up.

Age 21, Male

Type of Hair Loss:
Thinning in Front

Results: +

Used as Directed: Yes

Decreased Hair Loss: Yes

Increased Thickness: No

4.5 months
I do believe that Revivogen has reduced my hair loss but not totally stopped it. I tend to notice less hairs falling out too when I comb.