Revivogen User Trial

The Revivogen user trial was intended to provide a reliable and identifiable user feedback about Revivogen' effects for hair loss. The participants in the hair loss trials were enrolled independently by filing out a questionnaire on and were chosen by Revivogen according to the following criteria:

1. Male or Female age 18 - 65.
2. Mild to Moderate Hair loss due to Androgenetic Alopecia for 5 years or less.
3. Not using Propecia, Rogaine, or other products for hair loss before or during the trial period.
4. Free of any major ailment and not using any other medication.

The participants agreed to use Revivogen exclusively for one year and provide their feedback in exchange for free products. The feedback is directly emailed by the participants to the participating websites for independent verification and authentication.

Out of 39 participants in the Hair Loss Trials , 30 (77%) reported experiencing positive results including decreased hair loss and increased thickness of the hair. 9 users (23%) have reported no benefits. You can review the individual assessments to draw your own conclusions.

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Age 29, Male

Type of Hair Loss:
Considerable thinning from hairline all the way back to the crown of the scalp. "M" patterned hairline is pronounced.

Results: +

Used as Directed: Yes

Decreased Hair Loss: Yes

Increased Thickness: Yes

5.5 months
Since starting treatment approximately six months ago, some of the existing hair has noticeably thickened. Moreover, the miniaturized hair that has sprouted up at the outer fringe of the hairline has appeared to thicken over time and there has been an increase in the number of these miniaturized hairs in this area. The shampoo part of the treatment has also assisted in the resulting growth and retention of existing hair.

7 Months
Results so far have shown Revivogen to has halted any significant and noticeable hair loss. The degree to which I have noticed thickening in existing and miniaturized hair has been met with some improvement. In the area of recession, I have noticed that already existing hair has increased in volume, especially after using the specially formulated Revivogen shampoo. Furthermore, there has been miniaturized hair growth occurring in the areas within the gaps of the "m" shaped hairline...some of which has thickened but only slightly. Overall, my hair has had an increase in fullness with some slight hair regrowth.

10 Months
For the first seven months of the trail, I did use Revivogen as directed, on rare occasions skipping a day or two. However, since early September, I had taken notice of skin irritation and flaking. As I continued treatment, this inconvience became an everyday occurrence after which I had ceased treatment back in mid-October and had avoided contact with Revivogen for the next two weeks before resuming treatment. As I resumed treatment, I was liberal in the regard of the number of days throughout a week that I would apply it to the scalp, anywhere from two to three days out of a week.

Since my participation in the trial, I have noticed no hair loss.

Aside from a ceasing of hair loss, there has been light to moderate thickness and increased fullness in the hair in and around the crown and the eruption of small, vellus hairs on the edge of where my hairline stands now, with some of them becoming thicker in structure. Only very little to light thickness has occurred in and around the hairline area.

Age 26, Male

Type of Hair Loss:
Norwood 2.

Results: +

Used as Directed: Yes

Decreased Hair Loss: Yes

Increased Thickness: No

6 months
It is possible that it has reduced the hair loss rate. Although I went through about 3 weeks of a lot of shedding it never became noticeable. I don't notice a difference on the crown or the top of the head from the start of the trial and that is possibly a good thing. Although my hair loss is not that fast. I did notice that it might be a little thinner in the frontal hairline as that is the place where my hair loss is most noticeable. Although I do have widespread thin hair (not only the classic male pattern baldness) it is thinner than normal all over. But not yet very noticeable. I really can't tell if the liquid has made my hair thicker. But it is possible. At the very least it has not gotten thinner. The shampoo does seem to make my hair look fuller. Over all I would say that Revivogen has helped. It is possible that at the very least it has stopped the rate of hair loss.