Why Revivogen® is Different

Our easy-to-use system features effective natural ingredients and no systemic side effects.

The three-step Revivogen® regimen has been clinically proven to stop and reverse hair loss in women, and it has distinct advantages when compared to other over-the-counter products and prescription treatment options.


Revivogen is formulated with the most powerful natural anti-DHT ingredients available.

Board-certified dermatologist Alex Khadavi, M.D. handpicked Revivogen's ingredients because they are proven to have the same benefits as the ingredients used in FDA-approved prescription hair loss medications. Revivogen's ingredients offer the same results as their synthetic counterparts, without the potential side effects.


The Revivogen regimen is easy to use.

Most topical hair loss treatments must be used twice a day to see results, but the natural anti-DHT ingredients found in Revivogen provide visible improvement with just one daily application. To stop and reverse hair loss, apply the Scalp Therapy each night at bedtime, and use Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner before styling every morning.


Revivogen has no systemic side effects.

Unlike oral anti-DHT medications, Revivogen is only applied on the scalp—where it's needed to halt hair loss. When DHT is reduced throughout the entire body, side effects such as decreased libido may occur.


The ingredients in Revivogen are clinically proven to block DHT, stop hair loss and prompt the production of normal, healthy hair.

In addition, independent testing has shown that Revivogen's natural anti-DHT ingredients are more effective for reducing DHT than prescription hair-loss medications.


Revivogen's active ingredients penetrate the scalp.

Thanks to a unique delivery system, the anti-DHT ingredients in Revivogen reach the hair follicles to stop the DHT production that leads to hair loss.

Active/Key Ingredient BHT Blocker Stimulate Hair Growth Special Delivery System Side Effects Natural Localized Treatment

With added ingredients that accelerate hair growth

Guarantees 95% absorption
(Rongaine, Minodidil)

Originally developed as a Blood Pressure Medication

Loss of libido for men only