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When a hair falls out, is there a hair in the follicle that immediately begins to grow, or is there a resting period?
- By John B.

Dear John B.

Normal hair goes through three stages of growth, transition and resting phase. Growth phase is the active period of hair growth that usualy last up to 10 years. The longer the growth phase the thicker and longer the hair becomes. In transition phase the hair follicle stops producing hair and the hair detaches from the follicle. During the resting phase the hair falls and the follicle does not produce any hair. This period normally lasst from few weeks to few months.

In androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss) the growth phase shortens and the resting phase lengthens. So the follicle produces a short, thin, and color less hair and when that hair falls it does not product a new hair for a few years. The same thing happens again when the follicle enters a new growth phase.

Dr. Khadavi

What is shedding?
- By Kevin

Dear Kevin

Shedding is referred to the hairs or number of hairs that are shed on the scalp over a time period usually daily.

Dr. Khadavi

The main question I have is about the hair growth process. I started losing hair about 8 months ago and was wondering if the places that I lost first are now irreversibly gone. It is stated that once the hair follicle has completely atrophied it is impossible to regrow hair there. I am only 16 and am extremely worried about this. So far the biggest action my parents have taken is to give me these pills that get rid of an excess amount of yeast in the body. The yeast supposedly causes hair loss and is gained by eating too many wheat products, sugars, dairy, and yeast. I am unsure of if this is true only hoping that it is. I am willing to try anything sadly though I know my family does not have the funding to do some thing like get a hair transplant.

My area of hair loss is in the temple area and is making my hair line receed slowly. I would love to regenerate this area of my hair as it has effected my confidence.
- By Drew T.

Dear Drew T.

You are sufferring from Male Pattern Hair Loss. Therefore you need an anti DHT treatment to help reverse your hair loss process like Revivogen. Your hair loss is not due to yeast infections. Revivogen you can generally restore your hair to where it was a year ago.

Dr. Khadavi

What is Male Pattern Hair Loss?
- By Kim

Dear Kim

Male Pattern Hair Loss is the pattern of hair loss on the scalp that occurs in men due to hereditary hair loss cause by the hormone by-product, DHT. This commonly involves receding of the frontal hair line and hair loss on the crown of the scalp.

Dr. Khadavi

Here is my question. Your product states it blocks androgens. It is my understanding that if someone is trying to bulk up for weight lifting that you want a greater amount of Androgens in your system to assist with bulking up or putting on solid muscle mass.
- By Ryan

Dear Ryan

Revivogen blocks DHT locally on your scalp and not throughout the body and will not effect your ability to put on muscle mass. The medications that affect Testosterone and DHT in the body include Propecia, Avodart and Flutamide.

Dr. Khadavi

I am interested to your product but I would like to know the quantity and as the Saw Palmetto is standardized because orally taken gives me problems.
- By Luigi

Dear Luigi

We use high purity standardized Saw Palmetto in Revivogen formula but when you use any ingredient topically more than 99% of that ingredient is delivered to the local tissues and less than 1% are absorbed into the systemic blood flow which means the amount is so low that can't cause any side effect and very high at the point of application which means it will work great were you need it, at the hair follicle. You can be sure that no ingredient in Revivogen including Saw Palmetto would cause any systemic side effects.

Dr. Khadavi

Does Revivogen stimulate regrowth of hair that is no longer on the scalp? Or does it only strengthen the hairs that have yet to have fallen out to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair?
- By Nathan

Dear Nathan

Regardless of the product, if that product actually works you can only grow hairs from existing follicles. So if you have peach fuzz hair you can potentially turn those hairs back to normal hairs giving you the appearance of hair regrowth. If you see shiny scalp it means that the follicle is no longer there and you can not regrow any hair with any product.

Dr. Khadavi

How can I see if DHT exists on my scalp, is there some blood test or other?
- By Athina

Dear Athina

DHT is in your blood and scalp regardless of your hair loss status. Its the quantity of it that is important. You can have a blood test to measure Testosterone, other Androgens, and DHT. Your physician would know what tests to order.

Dr. Khadavi

Revivogen claims to be safe and free of side effects. You also claim that the product only has a localized effect, not a systemic one. Have you done any studies on this particular issue ? Do you have any proof that Revivogen does not alter the internal mechanism of the body after being used for a long period of time, say- 1 year?
- By Tom

Dear Tom

As a matter of fact we do have a third party 2 year clinical study for the purpose of determining the safety and efficacy of Revivogen. I will copy and paste below.

Clinical Studies‚

The efficacy Revivogen were substantiated by a clinical study conducted by Advanced Skin and Hair. The objective of the study was to determine the safety and efficacy of Revivogen on hair loss. Participants of the study included males between the ages of 18 and 50. Each patent was instructed to apply Revivogen to the scalp five times a week over a period of 9 months before retiring to bed. Results of the clinical study were summarized as follow:

  • 0% of the participants reported side effects
  • 96 % of the participants reported cessation of hair loss
  • 89 % of the participants reported reversal of hair loss with noticeable thickening with continued treatment.

The conclusion of the clinical study is reprinted as follow:

  • This research study over a two year period did not reveal any side effects or drug interactions. Based on the data gathered, all participants in the study reported an arresting of symptoms associated with this disorder and 89 % reported an aesthetically meaningful change in the caliber of affected scalp hair. These findings were corroborated by investigator observation and intra study photographic evidence. This study suggests a highly efficacious and safe treatment methodology. Based on these highly positive findings, Revivogen has clearly been shown as the only hair loss treatment with such high success in not only arresting hair loss but increasing the thickness and caliber of the hair.

Dr. Khadavi

I have read to a lot of links that zinc can cause hairloss. Is this true?
- By Gate 7

Dear Gate 7

No zinc does not cause hair loss. Actually, zinc topically, can block production of DHT.

Dr. Khadavi

What are your thoughts about adding Hyaluronic Acid to Revivogen?
- By Matt

Dear Matt

Hyalornic Acid is being promoted as a DHT blocker by Kevis and simialr products but there is no scienfitic studies by third parties showing that it can inhbit DHT production, and if so how and to what extent. Our ingredients in contrast have the highest DHT inhibitation rate of any known compound and even compared to Propecia and Dutasteride and they are completely safe. Also the research on the ingredients were done by various third parties all confirming their benefits and effectiveness.

Dr. Khadavi

I see that the Scalp Therapy contains multiple DHT-fighting ingredients. Is there a danger that these ingredients would somehow counteract each other, thus mitigating the effectiveness of the treatment?
- By DLD

Dear DLD

The mechanism of action of each of these ingredients work synergistically to reduce the production of DHT as much as possible. Our testing shows no negative interaction between these ingredients.

Dr. Khadavi

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