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Is Revivogen safe to use during pregnancy?
- By N.

Dear N.

Yes. Revivogen does not have any systemic effects, so it can be used during pregnancy without any issues. However during pregnancy increased female hormones will improve your hair, skin and nails. As such you don't need to use Revivogen or any other hair loss product during pregnancy.

Dr. Khadavi

My husband uses Finasteride combined with Revivogen. We are concerned about any side effects because we want to have baby. Can he use Revivogen instead of Finasteride and will it be as effective?
- By A.

Dear A.

You can use Revivogen instead of Finastride without any side effects. Taking Finastride may reduce his libido and possibly sperm count but there are no other side effects even if you are already pregnant.

Dr. Khadavi

I was pregnant and two monthes after pregnancy I got very severe hair loss. Will Revivogen work for me?
- By M.Z.

Dear M.Z.

If you had a sudden shed and the hair loss stopped then you have experience Tellogen Effluvium which is simply a shock to the follicle due to the sudden surge of various hormones during pregnancy. If your hair loss has stopped then you don't need to use any product as your hair will regrow on its own within 1 year.[br][br]If you are actively loosing hair loss and your physician has ruled out systemic causes then you can use Revivogen and it should work for you within 60-90 days.

Dr. Khadavi

I have been using Revivogen from 6 months and see improvement in my hair.[br] However, my wife and I are planning for a baby. Is it safe for me to use Revivogen when we try for the baby?
- By Deepak

Dear Deepak

Revivogen is safe for you to use for it is not a treatment that goes through your blood stream and it is not to be taken orally. You will be ok to try for a baby.

Dr. Khadavi

Is the Revivogen safe if I become pregnant?
- By Sara

Dear Sara

Revivogen is safe to use during pregnancy but should not be necessary because of the increase in female hormones. Revivogen can only reduce DHT production within the scalp and hair follicle and has no effect on systemic hormone levels whatsoever. Accordingly it has no effect on a developing fetus.

Dr. Khadavi

Can the use of Revivogen can cause any bad side effects to a baby at the time of conception? Does the product affect certain hormone such as Testosterone or Estrogen?
- By Christian

Dear Christian

Revivogen can only reduce DHT production within the scalp and hair follicle and has no effect on systemic hormone levels whatsoever. Accordingly it has no effect on a developing fetus or during fertilization.

Dr. Khadavi

Is Revivogen safe with pregnancy? I'm planning to become pregnant.
- By Rana

Dear Rana

You shouldn't need Revivogen while you're Progestrone levels are so high you will not experience any hair loss.

Dr. Khadavi

What are the risks that a man using Revivogen impregnates a woman? Is any of the ingredients harmful to the baby or pregnant woman?
- By Allie Morgan

Dear Allie Morgan

Revivogen is made form all natural ingredients and has absolutely no harmful side effects for anyone using it and will have absolutely no affect on any of the other concerns you have. You can rest assured that you are safe.

Dr. Khadavi

Is it safe to use Revivogen shampoo and conditioner while nursing? Will use help with typical hair loss experienced a few months after pregnancy?
- By Marisa

Dear Marisa

The use of all Revivogen products is completely safe during pregnancy. However the scalp therapy is the product that will help with hair loss and the shampoo and conditioner only help the scalp therapy work better. They are not effective if used alone.

Dr. Khadavi

Is it safe to use the Revivogen shampoo and conditioner while pregnant? How about when lactating? I did discontinue using the shampoo and conditioner while I was pregnant, but wanted to start using it again, but am currently nursing. Will it help with the typical hair loss women usually experience a few months after giving birth?
- By Marisa

Dear Marisa

You can use the shampoo, the conditioner and the scalp therapy while pregnancy or breast feeding. However the shampoo and conditioner do not work on their own and to expect any results you must use the scalp therapy.

As for post partum hair loss Revivogen can help.

Dr. Khadavi

Are there any side effects resulting in pregnancy problems or birth defects with use? Can you use before, during, after? What are your thoughts?
- By Ronni Curry

Dear Ronni Curry

Revivogen is safe to use if you are pregnant but you should not need to use anything. When you are pregnant your hormonal levels are at there optimum which is the best time for your hair to grow because your body is producing more estrogen and progestrone, the best medicine for hair loss. After you give birth, if you still feel you need a hairloss product, you can strart using Revivogen without any problems or chance of side effects.

Dr. Khadavi

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