Hair Loss Questions : Diagnosis

I'm 17 Years old and I am losing my hair. My father also has this problem. Can I Use Revivogen?[br]If I use it, will it stop my hair loss?
- By A.

Dear A.

If you have Male Pattern Hair Loss with thinning hair over the top, front and back of the scalp, then you will benefit from using Revivogen Scalp Therapy. You will be a good candidate since you have an early form of hair loss and may get most of hair back.

Dr. Khadavi

My hair keeps falling out and I am only 17. Every time I shower, strands and strands fall out, and the drain is filled with my hair! Even when I sleep, sit up or get up, my hair is all over! I'm scared and I dont know what to do. Can you help me out?
- By S.

Dear S.

It is apparent that you are suffering from Androgenic Alopecia also known as male pattern hair loss. The good news is that with proper treatment you can stop and reverse the hair loss process.

You should try Revivogen and see how it works for you. You should notice a significant reduction of hair loss within 60-90 days meaning that the product is working for you and has stopped the progression of your hair loss.

Dr. Khadavi

I was just wondering if your product will work for long fine, thin hair that seems to be becoming thinner and thinner over time but without any noticeable balding areas. thanks
- By C

Dear C

If each individual hair strand is becoming thinner in diameter your problem is more of how your hair is being made due to genetics and diet which you can address using Biotin supplemements and Thickening Conditioners including Revivogen Conditioner. [br]However if the number of your hairs are decreasing and that is resulting in decreased density of your hair then you have androgenic Alopecia. In this condition your normal, long, thick and pigmented hairs are being replaced by small, shorter, thinner, and lighter hairs (also known as minaturized hairs) due to negative effects of the hormone DHT on genetically sensetive hair follicles. In this case you should use an anti-DHT treatment to stop further loss and turn the minautrized hairs with normal hairs again.

Dr. Khadavi

I'm 21 years old andin the military. Because of this I have been under a lot of stress this past 9 months. During this time I have noticed my hair getting thin on top. Is the hair loss related to my stress? Would Revivogen help?
- By Mendez

Dear Mendez

Daily stress does not cause hair loss but severe stress can cause sudden, massive hair shedding a condition known as Telogen Effluvium. Any hairs lost due to Telogen Effluvium eventually grows back within a year. This is very different from gradual thinning of the scalp which is known as Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern hair loss which Revivogen addresses. Most likely you are suffering from this condition and not Telogen Effluvium and Revivogen can help.

Dr. Khadavi

hi im 24 years old. I would like your advice. My hair is starting to thin on the front. It is not that bad but when is wet it looks like my hair is thinning. Will Revivogen help?
- By Fernando D.

Dear Fernando D.

It appears that you are loosing your hair due to Androgenic Alopecia also known as Male Pattern Hair Loss. The sooner you treat your condition the better your results and the more hair you save. Revivogen is designed to help with this type of hair loss and you should see results within 90 days.

Dr. Khadavi

I am experiencing hair thinning/loss and it seems to have sped up in the past few months. I think it is due to female pattern hair loss as I take no medications, have no obvious symptoms of thyroid problems (tiredness, lethargy, etc.), and am 60 years of age. My hair is also very dry, you could say brittle. I spend a lot of money trying moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to no avail. I have been using Minoxidil 2% for about 20 days twice a day. I know it's too early to see any results, but the reported responses to the product are not great, very minimal in my view. I've read your Revivogen information and read most of the FAQ's. Would Revivogen work for me?
- By J.

Dear J.

Female Pattern Hair Loss is due your genetic sensitivity to a normal body hormone called DHT which causes your hairs to fall and grow back smaller and shorter. DHT also stimulates your oil gland to produce oil so if you have too much DHT you will have excess oil that can cause oily scalp as well as acne. Finally DHT has the opposite effect on body hair and makes it grow longer, darker, and thicker so you may also experience excessive body or facial hair.

Dr. Khadavi

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