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Revivogen: Your safe and natural hair loss treatment.

Natural hair loss treatments promise results and a solution for hair loss, but Revivogen has been scientifically proven to work. It's a hair loss solution that is designed to stop the root cause of hair loss without the harmful side effect from other hair loss treatments.
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  Dr Kahadavi, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
creator of Revivogen

"I became concerned about my own hair loss when I began balding at the age of 20. At that point, the only product available for treating hair loss in men and women was Rogaine, and both the product itself and the results left a lot to be desired. I had my own moment of enlightenment upon learning that dihydrotestorsterone, or DHT, was the key hormone responsible for the chain of events that leads to hair loss in men and women. That's when I started experimenting with pharmaceutical and natural DHT blockers, which eventually led to the development of Revivogen."

Hair Loss Treatment Based on Science not Myths

A natural hair loss treatment that works. Scientific studies have shown the natural ingredients in Revivogen are both individually and synergistically effective in helping reverse thinning hair and genetic hair loss in men and women. Hair loss is triggered by the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the hair follicles. Ultimately, DHT strangles the hair growth in the areas it impacts, causing hair loss and thinning hair. Revivogen is formulated to prevent DHT's production, thus interrupting the hair loss process.

A Hair Loss Treatment for You, Recommended by Doctors

An effective hair loss treatment, Revivogen was formulated for people suffering from hair loss who are seeking natural hair loss treatment options without the side effects. Revivogen is proven to offset the effects of male and female pattern hair loss by addressing its root cause. Revivogen is the only natural hair loss product recommended by dermatologists in the US and other professionals with consistent results and satisfied customers in over 40 countries.

My sensitive scalp is easily irritated and always feels itchy. What is worse my scalp problem comes along with hair falling issue. It really scares me when I see my hair thinning day by day. I feel helpless to my hair until I try Revivogen. My scalp feels fresh and comfortable now. Revivogen calm my scalp, the irritation feel on my scalp disappear! Most importantly, my hair loss reduced. Thanks to Revivogen , I am definitely continue to use this amazing product.
Nor / 50 years old